Grain Reception Steel Pit

  • Set in 4 elements with belt, capacity 11 tons twith specific weight at 0.75 + angle of repose
  • Hopper base with orientable elbows with slidevalve and square output.
  • Square output for screws


Spiral Auger Ø60 - Ø90  

  • For handling and distribution of flour or granular feedstuffs.
  • Flow from 400 to 4000 kg per hour depending model or product.
  • Motor power from 0.75 to 2.2 kW.
  • Galvanized steel head with anti-clogging protection device.
  • PCV tube.
  • Flighting in highly resistant steel.
Vis a spire
  • Level probe.
  • Bend (lenght 2m) for change of direction at an angle of 45°.
  • Telescope type downpipe for connection to T-fitting. This equipment allows to adjust the product level in the feeders.
  • Support leg for intake directly in silo.
  • Control and protection panel.

Scraping Auger (Removable) 

  • For silo from Ø4.00 to Ø 15.11 meters.
  • Two versions, 15 or 30 tonnes per hour (Foresee a intake handling with a flow over at 20-30% of the normal scraper screw flow).
Vis racleuse amovible 
  • Pivot support.
  • Central auger with pivot support.
  • Lateral auger.


Screw D102 Direct drive  

Capacity 8 tonnes paer hour inclined at 45° with a specific weight at 0.75.

Galvanized steel tube, reinforced, round discharge Ø125.

Modular construction from 3 to 9 meters.

Motor with direct transmission.

 Vis a motorisation directe

Auger extensions 1 – 2 – 3 meters.

Flexible pipe Ø125.

Tightly pitched flighting (for flour products).

Flow adjutment extension - lenght 3m.

Protection grate for pit or stock pile.

Bottom end support.

Control and protection panel.

Transport undercarriage for auger 6-7-8-9 meters.

Screws D102 - D125 

Flow 7 tonnes per hour (D102) and 14 tonnes per hour (D125) inclined at 45° for a specific weight at 0.75

Modular construction for lenghts between 3 and 10 meters.

Transmission using 2 V-belts.

Vis D102 et D125

  • Auger extensions 1 – 2 – 3 meters.
  • Control and protection panel.
  • Protection grate for pit or stock pile.
  • Transport trolley.

Screws S et H type in diameter 160/200/240

  • Handling system for grain, meal and pell.
  • Conveying on slopes between 0° and 60° with S type auger.
  • Horizontal conveying with H type auger.
  • Modular construction with end bearing and intermediate bearings.
VIS S et H 160, 200 et 240

Screws S 160 et H 160 flow : 10 à 30 tonnes per hour.

Screws S 200 et H 200 flow : 27 à 55 tonnes per hour.

Screws S 240 et H 240 flow : 38 à 65 tonnes per hour.

  • Flow control sleeve with graded scale.
  • Hopper at auger bottom.
  • Mobile outlet at auger end.
  • Inlet box.
  • Adaptable hopper on inlet box.
  • Intermediate outlet with or without shutter.


Cardan Shaft Auger Conveyor with Mobile Hopper "TMC" type

  • The hopper is mounted on 4 wheels allowing for rotational movement aroud its point of discharge.
  • Large hopper characterized by low discharge level, fitted with protection grate.
  • Auger conveyor with adjustable slope, available in 4 different lenghts to adapt to various distribution levels.
  • Wheel and belt type drive system.
Vis sur trémie mobile
  • Raiser hopper with sideboards 2,68m x 1,44m
  • Inlet adaptator for buckets elevator EG3 – EG5 – EG10
  • Control and protection panel.

Chain conveyor "TC" type

  • Horizontal handling system for conveying grain, powder and pellets.
  • Conveying capacity up from 30 t/h to 100 t/h.
  • Transport length up to 50 meters as standard.
  • Modular galvanized construction.
  • Directly mounted gearbox to the chain drive shaft.
  • Product inlet box
  • Longitudinal shutter manually or pneumatically operated.
  • Product outlet box
  • Chain cleaning brush
  • Sensor overflow control
  • Handling attachement with plastic flaps
  • Channel bottom pit for extraction.
Other capacity or lenght on request.

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Buckets Elevators EG Type

  • Vertical system for conveying grain, meal or pellets.
  • Conveying capacity up to 100 t/h.
  • Elevation height up to 33 meters.
  • Modular galvanized construction.
  • Inspection trap.
  • Additionnal gusset
  • Hopper with 2,3 or 5 entries
  • Fastening device
  • Head platform
  • Crinoline ladder
Higher capacities or elevations on request.

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